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  • The Circular Economics of Plastics and Evertrak

    Circular Economics Needs an Engine Circular economics are the foundation of sustainable manufacturing and recycling – the end-of-life product is recycled into raw material for new products. The virtues of recycling plastic are obvious: reduction in fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and less plastic waste polluting our cities, landscapes, and oceans. However, circular

  • Evertrak 7000: The Reinforced Composite Rail Tie Disrupting the Railroad Industry

    Chances are, a product you own was delivered to a location near you by a freight train. You may not think about how materials are moved around the country, but there are more than 600 freight railroads operating in the United States on an approximately 140,000-mile track system. The railroad was developed in Great Britain

  • Essential Benefits of 100% Reinforced Recycled Plastic Ties for Railways

    Did you know that approximately 21 million wood railroad ties are removed from service each year in the United States? Replacing those ties is essential, but what is put back in their place is also important. That’s why ties comprised of 100 percent recycled plastic and fiber reinforcement are becoming more prevalent. They’re completely moisture-resistant, can be interspersed