The Problem

Ineffective Status Quo

25 million railroad ties are replaced each year in North America by harvesting hardwood trees and soaking in poisonous creosote and borate.

The Solution

Evertrak 7000

As strong as wood, consistently manufactured, and delivering value for the engineered performance. Every tie, every time.

The Future

Business Model Innovations

New approaches to drive speed and confidence into capital decision-making, for both long AND short term capital decisions.

Solving a Problem That Runs 140,000 Miles Long

While we’ve advanced from paper to aluminum to carbon fiber to make airplanes, we still make railroad ties by chopping down trees.   The only innovation in 150 years is treating ties with poisonous creosote.
1800s Technology at Work Today

No Change in the Status Quo

25-million railroad ties are replaced each year in North America. Hardwood ties are failing in track at less than their economic life due to weather, wear, and insect infestation.

Poor and Unproven Substitutes

Failed Innovation

In the past, poor engineering, inconsistent feedstocks and manufacturing quality resulted in failure modes that could not be controlled. Industry lost faith in finding an alternative to wood…until now. A true composite that is beyond wood.

Capital Contraints

Total Cost of Ownership Advantage

Long-term costs savings cannot be captured through increase in short-term investment. Future Total Cost of Ownership (TCOO) requires new modes of long-term, performance-based financing

Disruption was inevitable, and it has arrived

Evertrak 7000



MOR equivalent to hardwood; strong enough for the long haul on all North American freight and transit railroads


Manufactured with 100% recycled polyolefin plastic and fiberglass; the same tie a million times over


Installs with wood tie equipment; no special tooling; improves OR


  • Strength and stiffness equivalent to wood
  • 3x AREMA MOR standard for composite ties
  • Validated physical and digital fatigue models


  • Repeatable manufacturing
  • Consistent feedstock
  • Proven quality system


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership for medium and high tie replacement rates
  • Performance-based warranty
  • Innovative lifecycle financing

Evertrak 7000 Performance Technical Data

Download the Evertrak 7000 Performance Technical Data PDF


Evertrak 7000 is the first composite tie for North American heavy haul and transit railroads made with glass fiber reinforced 100% recycled polyolefin plastic. Made to perform for decades of rail traffic in any environmental condition, Evertrak 7000 changes the paradigm for capital renewal of track by eliminating tie cycles. Evertrak 7000 is available now in lengths from 8’6” to 10′.

Evertrak 7000 0%

Wood Tie 0%

Competitor Plastic Tie 0%

Our Company’s purpose is to Spark Greatness in Others


While we seek to make the best railroad tie in the industry and make fair, sustainable profits for our shareholders, our purpose for coming together to start Evertrak is to “Spark Greatness in Others.”

We are a veteran-owned business

We left military service deeply grateful for our country and the opportunity that service gave us to form our character and career. We decided to create a company that reflects the values of our service. Most important to us is how we treat people – each other, our teammates, partners and even competitors.

Our Beliefs


We have each other’s back and fight for each other’s success.  We know our individual position and play it.  We believe in the Team, the Team, the Team.


We work hard and find a way to win.  We always get back up and we never give up.


We are enthusiastic.  We have a sense of urgency and a bias to action.  We attack our responsibilities with energy, eagerness, and cheerfulness.


We are not satisfied with the status quo.  We are a learning organization focused on continuous improvement.  We seek to understand before seeking to be understood.


We are grateful for each other, Evertrak, and our customers.  We recognize the worth of the individual and see the best in each other.  We assume good intentions and believe each of us is more than the worst moments of our lives.  We value the opinions and points of view of others.  We work to earn the respect of all our stakeholders.


We behave with honesty, integrity, and candor in all that we do with all stakeholders.  We face into reality.  We don’t “report problems”, we fix them.  We do not surprise others.  We let our customers measure how good we are.

Evertrak:  The Semper Tie

Our Planet:

We create demand for 280 tons of plastic and plant 320 trees for every mile of ties we install

Our Planet:

Creosote is bad in the long run, no matter how easy it is in the short run

Our Planet:

We are serious about our mission to make a lasting impact in our world

Our Partners

Exclusive Supplier of Fiber Reinforcement
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Banking Partner

Our Company’s purpose is to Spark Greatness in Others