About Us


We left our service deeply grateful for our country and the opportunity that service gave us to form our character and career. We decided that we wanted to create a company that reflects the values of our country. Most important to us is how we treat people – each other, our teammates, partners and even competitors.

We are a veteran-owned business

Evertrak LLC is wholly-owned by NICE Holding Co LLC, a Veteran owned small business. While we seek to make the best railroad tie in the industry and make a fair profit for our shareholders, our purpose for coming together to start Evertrak is to “Spark Greatness in Others.”

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Our People

Cassen Groves

Cassen is a Lead Operator.  His job is to maintain the heartbeat of Evertrak production.

Marvin Jones

Marvin is a Process Technician.  His job is to ensure every tie is manufactured with consistent materials & processing.

Don King

Don is a Production Leader at Evertrak. His job is to ensure that we meet our production goals and make the same tie every time.

Edmonn Maul

Edmonn is the Engineering Director at Evertrak.  His job is to ensure Evertrak leads the industry in product quality and production reliability.

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Matt Modrovsky

Matt is the Plant Manager at Evertrak. His job is to lead Evertrak operations by our core values of RESPECT, TEAM, GRIT, ZEAL, CURIOSITY and TRUTH.

Matt Moore

Matt is the President of Evertrak and partner in NICE Holding Co. His job is to ensure that the “tie is the boss.”

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Tim Noonan

Tim is the Founder and CEO of Evertrak LLC. His job is to set the vision for the Company, build the team and culture, and never run out of money.

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Curtis Stokes

Curtis is a Production Leader at Evertrak. His role is to ensure that we meet our production goals and make the same tie every time.

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At home in St. Louis

Evertrak proudly manufactures in St. Louis, Missouri, home of founders, builders, explorers and entrepreneurs who changed the world. St. Louis connects with the majority of the Class 1 railroads, making us an ideal location for railroad tie distribution.

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Our Company’s purpose is to Spark Greatness in Others

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